AC Bracket Fitting Depend On Type Of Ac Installation

We always keep in mind that air conditioner fabricated stand or AC bracket fitting depend on which type of air conditioner fitting used on site so many time we have found that as per consumers demand non professionals ac technicians can fit the air conditioner and after passing some time it can be difficult to be get maintenance of ac at that place. this problems are generally faced by ac preventive maintenance service provider contractor in nearby places or in your city. ac bracket fitting depend on the place where external outdoor ac unit needs to be installed for example its height matters and surroundings places of the installation areas.

As we are known very well that air conditioners are needs to be required a proper fittings by which it can be working properly so that the air conditioner outer unit has been fix on either wall or fixed on the ground. this ac outer unit always fix with the help of ac heavy fabricated bracket fitting accordingly it mostly depend on the capacity of ac outer unit like its has starting from 0.75 ton to 11.0 ton and up-to at higher capacity has used in commercial sectors.

Different kinds of AC fittings are used listed below.

Ac Wall Mounted Fittings- It is mainly use installation in residential areas in the urban or metro cities by which air conditioner’s second outer unit is fix on the wall by the help of wall mounted stand.

Ac Roof Top Fittings- This ac fittings work on fixing on the rooftop of the tallest buildings or multi structures. ac roof top are also called central air conditioner system. It is fix where huge number of peoples are sitting or working. Ac duct fittings- Air conditioner system which transfers the colder air to any specified.