Air Conditioner Cleaning Materials Used At The Time Of Ac Service

If you needs some extra benefit of air conditioner at the time of ac service or ac maintenance service so that you have to try air conditioner cleaning materials which is preferred by ac professionals. So different kind of air conditioner cleaning materials are available to used regularly that gives any brand air conditioner a new life which directly impact on home owners pocket’s. this is because of peoples are forget the outer unit of air conditioner to be service. mostly ac outer unit fitted in the outside areas of house that dust particles, air pollution, and harmful sunlight etc can choke or effect badly the heat exchanges coils due to which over heating problems can be creates and decreases the cooling capacity of the residential and commercial air conditioner.

Now three different kinds of ac cleaning materials can be used generally by ac technicians at the time of ac service. First is Alkaline Cleaner which is water based cleaner used to apply on ac indoor unit cooling coil and ac outdoor heat exhaust unit coil. this alkaline cleaner can removes the organic dirt residue from the heating and cooling coil fins of air conditioner units. Second cleaner is Nano acid cleaner- this cleaner is acid cleaner based which can removes the scales deposition on the industrial air conditioner heavy systems this is mostly usable in commercial sector because most of the toxic air formed in that areas. Third is Foam jet cleaner- this is the advanced type of ac cleaning material used in domestic houses because of the small compact type of container can be easy to carry by ac professionals also easy to used on site work.

So these are the modern generation home ac cleaning materials which air conditioner technicians are using now in very huge amount.