Air Conditioner Condensing Unit Fins Are More Important

Some points to know the main importance of heat exchanger fins in air conditioner condensation unit. Today we are describe the types of fins in AC System. Which means that heat exchanger can be used to remove the generated heat coming from compressor  unit. this fins are very soft fine aluminium plates which is combines at huge numbers on the copper condenser coils which can be helpful to transfer heat from copper coils to the aluminum plates and all generated heat can be transfer to the atmosphere. All the entire process is well known as condensation of air conditioner system. Aluminium fins are various kind as according to there usages in commercial sector and domestic sector. Different shapes are also available like circular, square or any other kind which we see now a days. Most common type is square type this can be used in domestic ac machines in house hold regularly that has the specific size like (19X30)in or (20X30)in etc. Blue fins, gold fins & micro-channel (aluminium) types fins are used in all over the domestic places. Blue fin are more used in air conditioner outdoor unit which is looking very attractive and smoothly work on outer ac units. In other side gold fin are used in larger quantity at big industry sector. Micro-channel fins are invented for coastal areas where it can be used to increases the efficiency of that areas. It is made up of aluminium alloy material in which the refrigerant can flow though in parallel way from top intake manifold to bottom outlet manifold in air conditioner system.