Home Air-Conditioner Are Popular By Its Types

Just simple thinking give you the right choice for your comfort to select home air-conditioner are popular for what purpose to used at any place like hotel lobbies, larger reception rooms, or server rooms etc. home ac’s are sub divided into different kind of types as according to the place where it is installed. this can explain in some points which can be easy to understand.

Floor Mounted air conditioners– it is the very limited used air conditioner in few past years because it can be fit where the limited space available for example when doors and windows are in more numbers where the wall is not suitable to install air conditioner unit this floor mounted ac are right for your place. this ac indoor fittings are placed on the floor of the room by which the swing louvers can rotates the air circulation around the room. it is also depend on the home designing types from the interior architect engineer will finalize the place of the floor mounted ac install fittings will be done.

Ductless air conditioners– This is another larger used type of home air-conditioner are popular by it’s design as name is clear that ductless means there is missing in duct like structure. this type is used in compact working places where the area in small in size this ductless air conditioner unit in perfectly fix on that.

Wall-mounted air conditioners– ac’s fitting which is installed on the wall of any place like residential ac house, commercial sector ac cabin offices, ac guest rooms are known as wall-mounted air-conditioners. in this type their is two unit are needs to install one is indoor evaporator unit and second is outdoor heat pump unit which is wall mounted installation hanging by the help of L shaped fabricated structured. both ac indoor and ac outdoor unit inter connected by copper piping and electric cables though them.

Ceiling air conditioners– air conditioner are mostly used to installed on the wall of house but now a days better convenient options available in market that is ceiling ac which is mainly installed on the roof or ceiling of any structures. this kind of ac are known as ceiling air-conditioners and it’s installation. these four types are mostly used in the whole country according to there requirements. if you feel to know more about these all kinds of air conditioners contact to ac service engineers which is closed to your areas in the city or call any time for quick response.