Refrigeration Equipment Requirement During On Site Working

Refrigeration Equipment Requirement During On Site Working As Follows.
• Ammeter For Current Value Measurement
• Refrigerant Gas Cylinders
• Gas Charging Lines
• Non Return Valves For Safety Purpose.
• Expansion Valves
Ampere Meter are used to checking the correct current values on running air conditioner compressor. It is also known as ammeter which can be useful to figure out the accurate running current in the supply of air conditioner systems. Ammeter are the necessary tool during the ac service work or ac repair maintenance to diagnose the ac system properly for ins and outs completely. Ac service mechanic needs to carry this instrument at the time of ac testing work. This can save the time to pickup the right fault of any air conditioner system.
Refrigerant Tank – it is the storage tank of air conditioner high pressure gas storage cylinder which can easily transportable from one place to the other place. It has the valve system fitted by which air conditioner technicians can operate to open or close as per the requirement of gas pressure for ac unit.
High Pressure Gas Charging Cables- It is the instrument of transfer the pressurized refrigerant gas from gas cylinder to air conditioner unit system. One more attachment is added to measures correct gas pressure it is known as pressure gauge.
Non Return Valves- It is the minor part but it’s very important in every refrigeration equipment which is used to hold the pressurized gases in the refrigeration ac systems.
Expansion Valves- This valves are the inventory according to accelerates refrigerant gas flows at high pressure liquid to low pressure gases inside the cooling evaporator coils which results in lower down the copper lines and its aluminum fins. This can be help to decreases the temperature inside the indoor unit of air conditioner system. These are some refrigeration equipment requirement on working mainly used.