Thing’s To Remember Refrigerator Service You Can Do on emergency basis.

Refrigerator Service Checked By Cooling Temperature.
refrigerator service is refers to main temperature settings by which we maintained food preservation items in healthy condition. Its happen when people saw the cooling performance getting not as much effective like in before time so generally they keep to increase the temperature nob at high level.

Freezer drain bowl cleaning.
In all kind of fridge’s extra ice defrosting drain water storage bowl situated in bottom of the refrigerator. Which can be evaporated by heating coil of compressor we have to clean in some time of interval because the water store in the bowl get infected or dirty form a bad smell in it and some bowl has the mosquito eggs found and create diseases to people. also it is very dangerous to small children living in house. so keep cleaning the drain bowl regularly.

Refrigerator body earthing.
It is very important to find out the leakage current in the body because due to which it damage the circuit main supply fuse of the PCB board or also create trouble in the other major parts of the fridge. fridge body earth is also dangerous to kids because they are always playing nearer to home refrigerator.

Place of Refrigerator.
This point is very important most of us ignore this things in Refrigerator service. Which is the fridge setting place in the kitchen people have placed according to the space of refrigerator in some time they forgot to mind the air circulation also important which impact on the compressor Life. Due to the highest temperature during the summer it’s not easy to cool down the inner coil of the compressor this can be very dangerous for that we can clear out by placing your refrigerator in air ventilation places by which it can be easily cooling down the system as well as the compressor of the fridge.