Save Your Air Conditioner From Big Problems

Save your Air Conditioner from Big Problems Be sensible: ACs should not be left on for long periods of time. It’s like having a hole on your wallet. Your AC should be set at 22-21°F, and left running for 2 hours. Then turn it off.

Maintain a clean AC filter: Dirty filters can let allergens, pesticides, and other particulate matter into your home, which could pose a threat to indoor air quality.

Yearly Maintenance Check: Dust from the room, powders, etc. can all jam up the AC. This can cause respiratory problems. I know that it has caused me to wake up at night, sneezing like an insane person. If your AC isn’t maintained properly, allergies can worsen in summer.

Proper ventilation: Fresh air can be brought in to reduce indoor contaminants. The cold air can cause difficulty in breathing because it is dense and heavy. Ventilated spaces allow for normal and better breathing. The AC can be left on for up to 2 hours. Fresh air outside is better for the body than air inside a room with a lot of air conditioning.

Water Power: A healthy intake of water can reduce flaky skin. Itchy eyes are what I feel when I wake up each morning. Dryness can occur on the nose bridge and sides of the nostrils. The AC draws moisture away from your skin.

Get out and inhale fresh air – The outside temperature will seem even hotter when you are used to using air conditioners. Summer months should be a time for a lighter diet. While the AC may be able to induce a peaceful sleep, it can also make you feel tired. You can control the side effects of air conditioners by using them smartly. While you might be enjoying a hot, sunny day in an air-conditioned setting, are you aware of the side effects on your environment and body? With the right knowledge and precautions, most of these side effects can be avoided so take the right guidance from the professionals from a leading AC Repair company in Indore.