Some Dos For Underground AC Piping For Best AC Installation

Step 1– Full measurement Underground AC Piping of the area between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Always suggest to place the right position of outdoor unit which is important on time of ac installation, ac service and ac maintenance by ac mechanic to work easily on that place.

Step 2– Hired an experience person for wall grooving. It is initially starting work for underground ac piping service which is important to see the longer period of secure ac pipe. Worker of underground ac piping work are knowing that always use high precautions with wall grooving machine due to higher RPM of rotary shaft it’s forced twister on his hand while the operation worker and co-worker are aware of that same.

Step 3– Bending or twisting of ac copper pipe according to walls and pillers. Ac pipe insulation can be insulated properly which help to stop making the moisture in the surface of ac pipeline.

Step 4– Place the brackets with the help of fastner or nails according to the depth of cutting groves the total thickness of ac pipe and ac pipeline insulation are measured properly and sealed with the concrete cement.

Step 5– As underground ac piping work completed then its time to check the gas leaking process by closing the both end of ac copper pipe filling gas under required 250psi to 300psi pressure meter this pressure hold nearly 10 to 15 days to insure not found any single leakage problem on the ac pipe or ac installation.

Step 6– Final step is to ac installation of ac indoor unit & ac outdoor unit at their place accordingly. More details for regarding Underground AC Piping For Best AC Installation call now any time to dial our helpline number +91-7400770070 for AC Service needs in your nearby areas in the city.