Split AC different bracket types

Split AC brackets come in different types to accommodate various installation scenarios. Common types include-

  1. Split AC Wall Mount Bracket Used when installing the indoor unit on a wall. It provides support and stability for the unit.
  2. Ceiling Mount Bracket is Suitable for situations where the indoor unit needs to be installed on the ceiling. It ensures proper support and positioning.
  3. Floor Mount Bracket are Designed for installations where the indoor unit is placed on the floor. It offers a stable base for the unit.
  4. Adjustable Mount Bracket Allows flexibility in adjusting the angle and position of the indoor unit to achieve optimal airflow and cooling.
  5. Universal Bracket is Versatile bracket types that can be adapted to various ac installation configurations, providing flexibility for different setups.
    When selecting a bracket type, consider the specific requirements of your installation space and the manufacturer’s recommendations for your split AC model.