Washer & Dryer Direct Drive Motor In Washing Machine

Each an every washing machine has the main functionality of washer & dryer according to its use it is divided into two categories one is semi automatic and second is fully automatic. now recently more customers are move forward to the fully automatic washing machine which can be seen in market as it is clear that we are fully depends on the machine working ability. washer is the main part of washing machine where dirty cloths are washed and clean by the help of detergent and any chemicals. this washer is working smoothly by the help of electric motor which generate toque in the washer wheel or washer drum as according to it type of washing machine. in initial fully washing machine models has the simply working on the belt and pulley set up is used but it is completely replaced with direct drive dc motor which benefits direct to the consumers. this new invention is really works as yearly maintenance cost to be huge cut with respect to older models of fully automatic washing machine in this market place. washing machine has the true capability to washing the cloths and drys clothes after the washed by the help of washer & dryer system arrangement in it. direct drive technology is based on the direct attachment of washer motor in the washer drum shaft. when the supply is coming from supply board to the direct drive washer motor it is running smoothly also same time it can rotate the washer drum in washing machine. all this be done in fully automatic washing machine if you are any kind of difficulties to operate it you can freely call the washing machine repair service provider company in your nearby service areas in indore. this helpline number can be always there for you to sort your problems in very short time.