What Are The Major Causes When Fridge Is Not Cooling

There are several potential causes when a fridge is not cooling properly-

  1. Dirty Condenser Coils- Dust and debris can accumulate on the condenser coils, reducing their efficiency.
  2. Faulty Evaporator Fan- If the fan that circulates air in the fridge is not working, it can lead to uneven cooling or no cooling at all.
  3. Defective Thermostat- A malfunctioning thermostat might not signal the compressor to turn on, resulting in inadequate cooling.
  4. Blocked Air Vents- Blocked or restricted air vents can hinder proper airflow, affecting the cooling process.
  5. Faulty Compressor- The compressor is the heart of the cooling system. If it’s not working properly, the fridge won’t cool effectively.
  6. Low Refrigerant Levels- A refrigerant leak or low levels can impact cooling performance.
  7. Door Seal Issues- Poorly sealed doors can let warm air in, causing the fridge to struggle to maintain the desired temperature.
  8. Temperature Settings- Incorrect temperature settings could lead to inadequate cooling.
  9. Electrical Issues- Problems with power supply or electrical components can affect the fridge’s cooling.
    If your fridge is not cooling, it’s a good idea to check these factors or consult a professional technician for diagnosis and repair.